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Hi, I'm Clare - your Virtual Executive Assistant

My passion is helping your business succeed

I’ve been told that it’s my energy, enthusiasm & amazing sense of humour that sets me apart in the virtual working arena. And I love this. 


Since starting Direct Virtual Consulting in 2019 (after 16 years in administration roles), I wanted to work with established business owners who know they need support and are excited to grow their business. I believe my passion for helping others is evident when I find like-minded people. 


I value becoming a team member and an integral part of your business. I’m not just a person who you outsource to. I’m on board to share the trials and tribulations of growing your business, and I’m as enthusiastic about your business success as you are. 


I’m lit up when I’m working on projects that I’m passionate about, and that’s why I make sure I work with clients who run businesses aligned to my values.

Integrity | Honesty | Gentleness | Understanding | Open Minded |
Down to Earth | Open Communication | Emotional Intelligence


The top 5 fun facts to know about me

  1. My obsession for indoor plants makes Bunning's garden section one of my biggest weekend addictions (along with tea and chocolate). 

  2. I’m an artist, using Resin & Alcohol inks, winning second place in a comp last year and planning on winning first place this year. 

  3. I live in rural NSW with my partner, dog and cat, but as an animal lover, I would add more to the mix if I could. 

  4. Not that I’m planning anything sinister, but I’m addicted to true crime drama, podcasts and drama TV shows. 

  5. I love supporting my local community and businesses and run the local Women in Business networking group.

Why choose me as your Virtual Executive Assistant?

With energy, enthusiasm and many years of admin experience, I promise that:

  • I value being a team member and go above and beyond to deliver a high-quality service.

  • I honour confidentiality and would never share your trade secrets with others.

  • I am enthusiastic about your business success and will treat your clients with the personalised attention they deserve. 

  • I’m honest, reliable and value open lines of communication to ensure we’re always working towards the same goals. 

  • I may work virtually, but without external distractions, I am dedicated to giving you the time you need each day. 

  • I love to plan things from business processes and scheduling through to events; I’ll have your business admin whipped into shape. 

  • I’m open to learning new skills and talents, so if your business requires specialist skills, I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

I’d love to hear about your business

That’s a bit about me, so it’s your turn! Let’s connect, see if we click and chat about how I can support you in your business.

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