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Virtual Executive Business Support 
Outsource your business admin and watch your business grow

When you first consider outsourcing, it’s best to start with a list. Write down all those extra things you do during the day that take up your time. All those bits and pieces that you must do but don’t exactly fill your day with joy. 


That’s a great start! 


After a while, you’ll come to love the freedom you feel when you’re outsourcing more and more. And this will happen – given time and trust. 


If you’re still not 100% sure on what to start outsourcing, that’s fine too. I’ll send you a short survey that will help you brainstorm ideas. We will then set a convenient time to have a chat about your requirements. 


I’m here to help you and guide you through the outsourcing process. You’ll come to see me as a team member, not a virtual worker – I promise. 

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Client relationships

Clients who feel valued are those who want to keep working with you. By being available to answer queries promptly and treating them with the utmost respect, your clients will feel important and happy with your service offering.

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Email wrangling

Let’s be honest; emails are one thing that causes many business owners anxiety. You’re trying to empty it and then ‘ding’ – there’s another person after you. Outsource your inbox control and only respond to urgent or personal matters that need your input.

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Calendar bookings

It’s easy to outsource your diary and calendar management – trust me! All you need to do is block out your ‘me time’ and let me know your ideal hours. I’ll then make sure your day is suitably booked with enough time in between for breaks.

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Travel & accommodation

I love travel arranging and take great joy in finding some of the best places to stay. Whether you’re travelling for work, a surprise weekend away or a family holiday, I’m here to get you organised and on your way without hiccups.

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Event planning

Although I don’t attend events onsite (unless we have a special arrangement), I can help you with all the pre-planning. Venue finding and booking, catering, invitations, AV and room set up requirements, follow-ups after the event and so on.

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Data entry & accounts

I’m a bookkeeper’s best friend in that I’m highly experienced in accounts and get everything in order and ready for your bookkeeper or accountant to finalise. I’ve been working in accounts for many years and love the organisation of numbers.

Some of the programs I use as a virtual executive assistant (I’m happy to learn yours too)

  • MYOB, Xero & Quickbooks 

  • Ignition

  • Google Suite 

  • Microsoft Suite 

  • Zapier

  • Canva 

  • Monday

  • Trello

Ready to start outsourcing to your dedicated virtual business support specialist?

Let’s find out! Contact me today, and let’s have a chat about your specific requirements and work out how we can start working together. If you’re not feeling the vibe, no hard feelings – our chat is confidential and not obligatory.

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