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Virtual Executive Assistant Services

For coaches, personal development specialists, mentors & keynote speakers

Hiring a virtual executive assistant is a great way to grow your business. You stop focussing on the nitty-gritty, day to day tasks and focus on building your business, working with more and more clients.


You’ll get to do what you 100% love and remember why you started your business in the first place.


It may sound like a dream come true, but when you start outsourcing, you’ll find it’s very much your reality.


Once you’ve come to know and trust me, you’ll find yourself handing over more and more tasks while you pick up more clients and do the work that fulfils you. You’ll find that I’m:

  • Self-motivated and get your jobs completed

  • A forward thinker to see the whole picture and offer you ideas to smash your goals

  • Trustworthy to honour your business as if it’s my own

  • A great communicator and know how to make you feel at ease while we’re working virtually

  • Dependable and will do what I say I’ll do (and often extra!)

  • Resourceful so I can find ways to do things better, and I take the initiative to do tasks I see need doing before you ask

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Virtual Executive Business Support

While you work with your clients, I’ll work silently alongside you, helping you with all the day to day vital tasks you need to complete. I've got you covered, from financial data entry and email management to website updates and event planning.

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Virtual Executive Business PACKAGES

Once I get to know your unique business needs, we’ll tailor a package to suit you. In the meantime, here’s a general outline of my starter packages that most clients opt to utilise while they’re warming up to the idea of outsourcing.


Dainis Purins | COO | Operation Agape

"You're a genius. Thanks so much."


If you know what you’re looking for but unsure if I offer that service, please ask. Chances are if it’s not something I offer, one of my colleagues will and I can put you in touch with the right person for the job.

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