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Direct Virtual Consulting Packages

Virtual business support bundles for email management

When it comes to running a business, most people have their unique way of doing things. What you need may be totally different from another person in your field as your clients' needs differ. 


There isn’t one rule for all when it comes to admin outsourcing. 


And that’s why having a virtual executive assistant who’s adaptable and knowledgeable is going to be your best asset. 


If I see better ways of doing things, I will let you know. Many people don’t have processes in place or unsure of the number of programs available to do jobs quicker. That’s my job to put this in place for you. 


Although I’ll create a personalised package for you, here’s my start out packages that many clients ease into.

andrijana-bozic-ITmp4Zy5aAc-unsplash (1)
andrijana-bozic-ITmp4Zy5aAc-unsplash (1)

One-off Inbox Overhaul

If your inbox is an out of control wild beast, I’ll help you tame it, bringing it back to its calm, natural state and putting in processes to keep it that way. 

  • Initial zoom meeting where you bravely show me your inbox, and I promise not to flinch or judge 

  • Email audit where I find out what’s important and what’s junk 

  • Archive and deleting old emails 

  • Unsubscribing from any that are junk (you’ve probably been added to lists and getting spam without realising!) 

  • Creating folders for the different aspects of your business 

  • Creating filters and rules, so emails go where they need to 

  • Creating colour coded labels, so you see at a glance how your inbox works

Starting from $180.00


Ongoing Email Wrangling

Perfect for you if you want to answer your own emails but need a second set of eyes to run over your inbox, check on emails and prioritise what needs your attention.

  • Sorting and prioritising existing emails so you know what needs your immediate attention and what can wait

  • Unsubscribing from junk emails that have filtered through 

  • Labelling and tagging emails, so you know what to look at first 

  • Setting up further rules if needs be 

  • Checking and deleting junk folders to make sure no essential emails have rudely been classed as spam


This is a weekly service but can be done daily if required. Packages start from $300 p/month.

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Want a personalised business support package?

If you’re after the whole she-bang or something in between, let’s chat and work out a package for you. Here’s a brief list of things you may wish to consider outsourcing:

  • Total email controlling

  • All bookings (clients, travel, accommodation, venues etc.)

  • Account data entry and check-ups 

  • Event planning

  • Document preparation (forms, presentations, workbooks etc.) 

  • Project management 

  • Correspondence 

  • And so on

Should we make a start on your outsourcing journey?

For your obligation free quote, contact me today and let’s work out an individual package deal that suits your unique business model.

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