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Direct Virtual Consulting

Moving your business in the right direction with high-class Virtual Executive services.

Wondering what to outsource to a Virtual Executive Assistant?

Here’s the top 10 tasks coaches & keynote speakers can outsource.

Virtual Business Support for Coaches & Keynote Speakers

Supporting you to grow and prosper as you support your clients

Grow your business with a dedicated virtual executive assistant

It takes a lot of energy to support others. As a coach or keynote speaker, I’m sure you understand that. You’re constantly working with people who rely on you for advice, for mentoring or for teaching. 


But it’s your passion, and you love helping others. I get that – I’m the same.


If you’re a personal development coach, coach, mentor or keynote speaker, I believe you deserve to have someone support you too. 


Working virtually, I offer a range of virtual executive services to help you with your business's day-to-day running. As I become a valued member of your team, you’ll find my passion is to share the trials and tribulations of growing your business. 

Benefits of working with Direct Virtual Consulting

Every business is unique and finding the right virtual assistant can move your business in the right direction. The benefits of working with me are:

  • Flexible hours of operation - I don't always stick to the standard hours of operation, if you need a project completed with a short turnaround or a meeting after hours, we can make that work.

  • You only pay for what you need - Oftentimes you have a natural ebb and flow in business, why would you want to be paying an employee when you can pay for a virtual assistant for only the time you need. I track my time and invoice accordingly every week so there is no surprises.

  • I am an Australian based business with a passion for Aussie businesses.

  • You don't pay superannuation, provide office equipment, insurance, annual leave and much more - this is all covered in my rate.

  • As a business owner I understand some of the pressures you face and I want to see you succeed. I also have many contacts you might find useful within your business, you don't have to do it alone.

Every coach, mentor or keynote speaker deserves a virtual executive assistant

Helping people grow and conquer goals through coaching, mentoring and keynote presentations is super rewarding work. And that’s why you need someone in your corner who allows you to focus on this. 


As your virtual executive assistant, I’ll help you with:

  • Calendar juggling, ensuring you have enough time with clients and personal time to gather your thoughts when you need some time out

  • Email actioning/answering to lessen the distraction of inbox messages, answer queries and keep your clients happy with timely responses

  • Event coordination to help you plan everything leading up to your event, including travel booking, invitations, RSVPs, catering, and so on 

  • Bookkeeping support, making sure your finances are recorded accurately and making sure everything’s in order for your bookkeeper come tax time 

  • Generalist tasks that you need help with in your business, from client onboarding forms and data entry, through to website updates


Hi, I'm Clare, your Virtual Executive Assistant

I’m a big believer in like attracts like. I’m a passionate virtual business owner looking to connect with others who are brilliantly intelligent and know their big vision for business. I want to be the person in your corner who encourages you, celebrates the highs and helps eliminates the lows. 


Your success is my success. 


With over 16 years of experience in administration roles across various industries, I started Direct Virtual Consulting in 2019 to feel free to work with inspirational people. And I love it. #winningatlife


Dainis Purins | COO | Operation Agape

"You're a genius. Thanks so much."

Find out more about hiring a virtual executive assistant

Let’s connect, discuss your business, work out what you’d like to outsource and see if I’m the right fit for your business.

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