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How to Niche Down Your Virtual Assistant Services

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Today I wanted to cover a topic that most Virtual Assistants find absolutely stressful, niching down their business. It can be so pressurised that people have delayed starting their business because they feel uncertain about their decision.

So what is niching down you say!? Niching down means having a clear focus on who your ideal target customer is and aligning your marketing to match. Specialising in a set area allows you to set your business apart from other Virtual Assistants, this ensures customers see you as a specialist instead of a generalist! You don’t want to start a business and offer endless services (some that you don’t even enjoy), just to get clients. The whole point of starting your own business is to take control of the kind of clients you work with, the hours you work, and the tasks you do.

The importance of niching down cannot be understated, it’s a crucial part of running a successful Virtual Assistant business. In saying this, you can start your business as a generalist and adjust your services as you gain more experience and work out what tasks you love! Please don’t get so caught up in the niching process that you get disheartened and decide not to start your business. The business is ever-changing and is always evolving, you can change things at any time.

Top Tips

  1. Be clear on why you’re in business, what is the driving force that bought you to start your business. Your why will be the focal point that will encourage you to push through the tough times as well as embrace the high points.

  2. Be specific about what services you want to offer (ensure they are services you are confident and proficient in), also be specific about the industry you want to work within eg. real estate, health & wellness, allied health, legal, etc. The most successful VAs dedicate their time to working to their strengths within an industry they are passionate about.

  3. Be detailed about the kind of client you want to work alongside, it helps to write it down. Who are they? Where do they live? What sort of business do they run? What are their pain points? If you can visualise your ideal client you will be able to target your marketing to that area and attract them to your offerings.

If you are interested in assistance with the process of niching down, please send me an email or subscribe to my email list as I will be creating a handy niching workbook for you to use.

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