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What Virtual Assistant Services Can I Offer!?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

So you have done all the research and are ready to take the leap but you don't know what skills you have that you could turn into a business? Make a list of your strengths and favourite things to do and go from there. I have made a big list of possibilities to inspire you, please remember that it is your business and you can choose to build it however you like.


General Administration is sort of considered the bread-and-butter offering of most Virtual Assistant businesses, don't be afraid to kick off your business as a generalist VA - there is plenty of work and you can always find a specialisation later! Some of the tasks a generalist might cover include:

  • Data Entry

  • Transcription

  • Email Management

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Calendar Management

  • Customer Service via Live Chat or Email

  • Lifestyle Management (Curating gifts, booking restaurants, paying bills and Moving assistance)

  • Creating Reports

  • Creating Presentations

  • Research

  • Virtual Reception

  • Document creation

  • Stock Image Sourcing


  • Blog content calendar creation

  • Blog post outlining, editing or writing

  • Transcribing videos or audio files to serve as blog posts

  • Updating older posts with new information

  • Moderating and responding to blog comments

  • Moderating blogging-related communities (Like a Facebook group)

  • Creating graphics for blog posts

  • Research for blog posts or blog post topic ideas

  • Updating plugins

  • Uploading new images

  • Responding to and moderating blog comments

  • Diagnosing tech issues

  • Updating older posts

  • SEO tasks

  • Link maintenance

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Blog Audits


  • Creating a social content calendar (Sourcing images, writing captions, using hashtags, light graphic design)

  • Scheduling content (Adding posts and content into an app like Buffer or Tailwind to be posted automatically at a specific time)

  • Social media engagement (Liking and commenting on relevant photos to drive traffic to the business’s social profiles. Locating and following the target audience.)

  • Hashtag research (Doing serious research to find hashtags that give the business the most visibility. Creating hashtag lists for each type of post.)

  • Analytics reporting (Creating and sending reports that highlight the business’s social media growth each week or each month. These will help communicate the ROI of the business’s decision to hire social media help.)

  • Social Media Set up

  • Social Media Audits

  • Pinterest Marketing

  • Pinterest Account Optimisation & Audits

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

  • Moderating Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

  • Forum management & moderation


  • Dubsado

  • Hubspot

  • Pipedrive


  • Creating Branded templates and guidelines

  • Editing Photos

  • Logo Creation


  • Woocommerce Setup & Support

  • Etsy Set up and support

  • EBay setup and support

  • Amazon Store setup and support

  • Shopify Setup and Support

  • Etsy Store Management

  • Creative Market Store Management


  • Bookkeeping & Payroll (if you’re qualified, please check the regulations surrounding this)

  • Website Maintenance

  • Video Editing

  • Email Marketing - Set Up and integration

  • Writing Email Sequences

  • Funnel Creation

  • Creating SOPs and Operating Manuals

  • Recruitment

  • Event Coordination

  • Editing & Proofreading

  • Ebook Publishing & Editing

  • SEO

  • Web Design

  • Ad Management

  • Course Creation

  • Video Creation

  • Project Management

  • Reputation Management

  • Product Launch Management

  • Website Audits

  • Managing Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Affiliate Program Management

  • Link Building (Industry Outreach & Guest Posting Opportunities)

  • Managing Contests

  • Creating Lead Magnets

  • Custom Coding Help

  • Podcast Editing & Support

It is so easy to get bogged down thinking about it over and over, let me know your thoughts, or if you need some help with making decisions.

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