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You’ve ticked all the what!!!???

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Courses and Training for Virtual Assistants

Welcome Back!

To be honest there is so much information that I actually felt overwhelmed when I started looking into this as a side hustle option (hopefully one day a full hustle!). This week I wanted to try to consolidate some of my most helpful research and information into one place to try to give you a head start on becoming a VA. I will also share with you some of the most highly recommended courses ( I have not done them all but people rave about them and that’s the best sort of endorsement you can get).

Among the innumerable courses there are some free and some paid (the free generally are a lead in to paid courses), I will take as much information as I can get before making a decision, I love to research and learn all the time anyway so it was enjoyable. After reading all sorts of information I landed on the VA Institute. I booked a time to talk with Ingrid in depth about the course and the options and also the outcomes.

I selected this course because:

* I wanted to do something that was all encompassing

* I wanted to hit the ground running

* I would be fully set up with a website at the completion of the course

* Ingrid is warm and personable, easy to talk to and understanding but also a POWERHOUSE of knowledge

* I wanted to learn from someone with a lot of industry experience

* They have the option of a Payment Plan for the course fee which is so HANDY, especially if you’re wanting to do it as a side hustle.

* You can choose the pace you want to do the training

* You can choose HOW you do the training, online, face-to-face or in an in-depth in person weekend!

* There is ongoing support and frequent Webinars on various topics, this way you can build connections and get any support you need.

I mean what more can you ask for!

I elected to do my training in 2 x 3 hour blocks via Zoom, it was like face-to-face training without having to get out of the house, isn’t technology fantastic! Ingrid was excellent, I learnt so much and within a week following this I was feeling ready to make a go at having my own VA biz, my website was up and running, I had even had business cards printed with my logo and was all becoming an actuality.

I signed my first client just a few weeks after starting out, I did a lot of networking on Facebook, joined local community networking groups (which I liked WAY more than I thought I would) and responded to anyone that was asking for assistance with tasks that I was skilled at.

If you are just starting out and want a really good taster into the VA world (even if you are already a VA it’s a great shake up), sign up to the Digital Nomad Kit run by Hannah Dixon! She runs her free 5 day VA course a few times a year and it is exceptional, a lot of content, challenges and networking that I found really well organised, supportive and encouraging. I really think you would benefit most from this course if you have done your VA training with Ingrid or Rosie and have been in business for a couple of months.

Well that is all from me today, I think I have given you all the information I have and I hope you have found it valuable. If you have any questions though please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to help someone navigate through the information to get the absolute most out of starting their own biz!

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